Guitar Shred Show

Just a tip for the ones who never saw Fastfinger animated Flash site. A great and entertaining source of bad ass licks is the classic For starters choose “The Mountain of the Tapping Dwarves”. Once you’ve learned everything try out “Magic Carpet Tour” for more licks, it will also give you vivid tour in all 7 modes of the major scale.


Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -mode backing tracks

These jam tracks are from the Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -game. For the game i designed 7 levels, one for each major scale mode.

A Aeolian
G Mixolydian
F Lydian
E Phrygian
D Dorian
C Ionian
B Locrian

All Magic Carpet Tour -backing tracks feature classic team of Thomas “quickstick” Törnroos on drums and Lasse “fatsfinger” Rantanen on bass. Enjoy these vintage tracks from the 2007 game. Get into the groove!