Life with space. In balace between reverb, delay and guitar.

Mr. Saaran wrote me and asked what I think about having too much reverb or delay.

Like in life, it’s all about the balance. How much effects, reverb or delay you want depends what you’re after. You want that in your face punchy sound or wish to go out of this world and all over the space with your guitar? Too much delay or reverb can be just the thing you need at times. But maybe not all the time!
And how do you get that guitar god like echo delay without getting too messy?


Originality in music. Tune your ears for new music

In Facebook someone was wonder howcome my music sounds as original as it does. He asked me to share what kind of music do I listen, where it all comes from ?

“hey man since you are so humble and honestly one of my three favorite musician (of course the first one I try to use your Consultation to learn new thing from you in order to became great some day and I ask you If you became tired of my questioning frankly say it and your help will be always appreciated . You know another question in my mind is that your music is completely a new thing and different from others I mean the taste of that is completely something new ! how have reach them ? by listening to what?!”


Very important – Basic Timing

“In my personal life I’m always late. But as a guitar player I’m usually ahead.”

For a guitar player it is very tempting to focus all the energy and interest to master flashy stuff and fast techniques. But sometimes most essential things are forgotten. Timing is one thing that many forget to pay attention.


Why to record with real musicians?


People are asking how I do all the backing tracks of Fastfinger music. Hmmm. there are different ways how I like to work, depending on what kind of production were dealing with. But in this case I started by fooling around with Cubase sequencer software (with the idea of the song in my head firts). Used a lot of samples drums, percussion loops, laying down all sort of midi instruments to achieve the sounds and ideas roughtly. Record rough demo guitar tracks.


Patterns in Octaves – 2 notes per string

This time we take a look at one simple idea that is very useful in guitar playing. Group of four notes, two notes per string approach!


Secret Ninja Techniques IV – Rolling mini sweeps

Sweep picking, what a nice way to play arpeggios. This technique gives you that nice smooth legato like tone. Let’s your fingers fly around the fretboard!
Popular is to play triad based sweeping arpeggios (think Yngwie Malmsteen). Google “sweeping”, You will find that kind of material all over the internet. Let’s focus on something else…


Secret Ninja Techniques III : Ninja slides in action

Very busy here with the ninja slide techniques. A little guitar improvisation, just for you!

Ninja Slides in Action!


Secret Ninja Techniques II – Multi scroll Jutsu

This special “Multi Scroll Jutsu” is used when a ninja wants to fool his enemies and not let them know which direction he’s heading next. There are several ways to do this technique. Study these examples. But pay attention to the left hand fingerings.


Inpiration to your melodies

“Can you tell us how do you think melodies? My melodies sounds ordinary and I dont like them. I just wanna know how to make them quirky, more interesting, angular, weird riffs or melodies? “
Anonymous (09/08/2008 – Mr.Fastfinger blog)


Secret Ninja Techniques I : Slides

Sliding from note to note is considered easy: Just pick a note, keep pressing the string while sliding the finger to another fret. Good! But sometimes even the most experienced guitar players land on a wrong note when doing this “Basic Slide”. A real ninja never fails to slide into the right note. He practices this technique in the dark.