Backing tracks and tablature booklets.

Secrets & Magic -Deluxe pack (wav/ mp3 + tab and lesson)

- Secrets & Magic tune and the backing track mix in WAV and MP3. Audio mastered at Chartmakers.
- 4 audio group layers files in MP3. Separate stereo audio files of Lead Guitar, Drum & Bass, Synths (all synths, samples and drummachine)  and Acoustic instruments (guitar, ukulele, guitarlele). Get a closer look and hear how the tune was put together.
- 10 pages PDF booklet with Lead guitar tablature transcription of the main part of the song (0:00 – 2:30). Also included is a written mini masterclass lesson about the modes used in the end guitar solo.
- Close up VIDEO of all main lead guitar parts (excluding the outro solo).

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Neon Alchemist -Backing tracks and 2 Tablatures (mp3 + tab)

Neon Alchemist-backing mixes to all 4 songs + tablature transcirptions to 2 songs :Alchemist and Blissrush. (through Sellfy).

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Spirit Rising -Backing tracks (digital mp3 only)

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks Digital “Spirit Rising-backing tracks album (album without the lead guitars, very much enjoyable for listening and for jam purposes). Mp3 download (through Sellfy).

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