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CD: 3 x EP Collection CD (Neon Alchemist + Stringweaver + Live)

NEW! Neon Alchemist, Stringweaver and Swim like Sushi (live), 3 EP’s on one CD, 67 minutes + Digital download of all the music + backing track mixes of Neon Alchemist EP. Featuring tunes such as: Alchemist, Miku, Blissrush, Awaki-Waki, Practice Heart… Buy the CD from and you get a fast access to the mp3 files in email. Signed CD comes with a “Play Guitar Rather Than Eat 3 Meals a Day” – sticker and Mr. Fastfinger’s Attack -pick.
15 € + 3€ (shipping)

CD: The Way of the Exploding Guitar -CD

The Way of the Exploding Guitar-CD directly from the artist. CD comes with a pick and sticker. Mr. Fastfinger’s hard rocking debut album. Still sounding very fresh, some of the best tunes are on this album: Wax on – Wax off, Epic, Big Trummors (feat. Jordan Rudess), The Ninjas (Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin, Niko Tsonev). Also featuring two classic tracks from Guitar Shred Show: Tapping Boogie and Exploding Solo. There’s still some CD’s left.
15 € + 3€ (shipping)

2 CDs Neon Alchemist (EP collection) + The Way of the Exploding Guitar

The Way of the Exploding Guitar and Neon Alchemist Both CD’s together in one shipping. Including 2 picks and 2 stickers.
30€ + 4€ (shipping)

Senseitional Treasure Tape (digital only)

12 track collection of rare, unreleased, revisited, live and other wise fun tracks. These tunes were recorded between the years 2008 and 2015. Some of the highlights include: Utopia and Locrian Boogie (heard in the Guitar Hunt -movie soundtrack, Running Monk (song created during the Stringweaver sessions), Crying in the Cave (from Exploding Guitar -sessions), Ice River (In Motion -era). Available exclusively from shop, you won’t find this anywhere else. Select Mp3 or 16-bit 44,1 khz wav download (through Sellfy). 33 minutes.More details behind the link.
7.90 €



Stringweaver -EP (digital download)

Four track EP delivering fresh sounds directly from Mr. Fastfinger’s home island. Awaki-Waki, Practice Heart, Nightvisions, Sand Washing. Perfectly balanced mini release. offers direct mp3 + 16-bit 44,1 khz wav downloads (through Sellfy). NOTE: if you buy Neon Alchemist 3xEP CD collection, you will also get this EP on both CD and mp3.  4€

EP also Available from iTunes, Amazon, Jam Track Central, Guitar Europ Shop, CD Baby and all major digital download stores.

Spirit Rising -CD

OUT OF PRINT. SOLD OUT The album is also available from all digital download stores (like iTunes etc.). We might put out another print along the next CD, please subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us at Facbook etc.

In Motion -CD

Mr. Fastfinger’s second coming in album format. 2012. As the album cover hints, this is way more aggressive than any other release. Daemons & Ghouls, Thunderpantz, Unravel… This album bites hard, altough there are a few easy tunes there too: Beach Turtles, Breathe… Be quick and find the last copies of the CD from Guitar Euro Shop and LevykauppaX.
Download from iTunes: or listen at Spotify