Here’s the main theme of Mr. Fastfinger song Breathe. It’s the actual composition, rest of the song was improvised along the way and keeps changing during performances. This is the only copy I could find of the transcription, paper copy. In the left corner you can see Lasses notes made in the studio about the song structure. Well it actually ended up being shorter. with extremily slow tempo, we realize there shouldn’t be too many rounds of the parts.

Btw. I composed the theme almost 20 years ago. Was planning to put if on Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album but couldn’t make it work.The way to make this really happen for this second album was to get Thomas, Lasse and Kalle into the studio at the same time. we recorded the basic tracks all together.

Enjoy and Breathe!

CD owners: Check out the Fretboard game page to get your BACKINGTRACK from the studio version of this song.

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