Andre Nieri Mr. Fastfinger JC Halttunen – Musacorner club, Tampere Guitar Fest

Andre Nieri and Mr. Fastfinger Tampere

Andre Nieri + Mr. Fastfinger soolo + JC Halttunen 8.6. Tampere (Tampere Guitar Fest).
Proud and happy to announch a solo gig at Tampere. Andre Nieri from Brazil is coming to Finland to perform with a Finnish trio Tuomas Rauhala and Ari-Pekka Kauppinen. Saw Andre last year in Espoo, Finland with Virgil Dontai, what a player. Mika Tyyskäwill be there playing Mr. Fastfinger tunes. This time as a solo with Mr. Fastfinger animated on the screen. Our trio can’t make it unfortunately. Also playing is JC Halttunen Trio, look forward to this. Tulee mahtava ilta!
Musacorner club. Nyt liput ostoon :

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