… And happy new year!

Whammy X-mas!

We wish you a very whammy X-mas. Rest and breath now. Soon we practice guitar playing some more. Respect the santa!

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    dAVO wrote:
    MFastfinger, Mika, thanks for sharing all your knowledge to us, i hope you had an excelent year, i see that you’ve been very acclaimed and i’m so fuck’n happy for you, that this proyect it’s working very good, both are some of the best musicians this planet have, so keep rockin’, have a Whammy Shreddy Christmas
    23/12 6:45:41 AM

    Ugur Darivere wrote:
    Happy new year and whammy x-mas you too Mr. Fastfinger and Mika and of course everyone!

    23/12 12:25:30 AM